Strikemark GoPro Picatinny Mounts
By Kyle

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Original Deluxe GoPro (Gen 1) Picatinny Mount
I purchased a Strikemark Deluxe GoPro (Gen 1) Picatinny mount to run on my rifle. The mount was okay, nothing visualy spectacular, but it worked. Getting it onto the Picatinny rails on my Larue Tactical 9.0 Rail was something else. It took some rubber mallet convincing to get on, but once I had it in place, all was well. The finish is okay, but left something to be desired. It held up very well considering how hard I am on stuff, so it was sturdy enough. The ability to take the GoPro on and off (using GoPro quick-release buckle) without any tools was nice and worked reasonably well. Considering the purchase price ($36.95 shipped - June 2011), along with my use of it and was pleased.



January 2012
I received a new Deluxe Picattiny Mount, as well as a Cantilever Picatinny mount (wasn't expecting this). Needed to T&E, write a review, and take some pictures to show the differences/improvements.


Deluxe GoPro Picatinny Mount (Gen 2)
The new Deluxe (I'm refer to as Gen 2) is a significant improvement over the old Deluxe (Gen 1). The fit and finish is much improved as you can tell in the pictures. The Deluxe version is 6061-T6 aluminum with an anodized black matte finish (The basic version is unfinished aluminum).


Update Febuary 24th, 2012

Cantilever GoPro Picatinny Mount Gen 2
The Cantilever mount is still 6061-T6 aluminum and comes with matte black anodized finished, which although I don't my pictures show, looks and feel better/nicer than the already nice finish on the Gen 1. They also added laser engraving to match both sides. The logos could be more understanded, but if you like to show off your gera, Strikemark's mounts are worth it. Mine will probably get beatup a little (or lot).

Cantilever GoPro Picatinny Mount
The Cantilever mount is also 6061-T6 aluminum, and comes with a black powder coat finish. This mount allows you to have the camera slightly off the gun. Hadn't gotten to use it in action, but I think this is my favorite option.

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